Cleaning & Prevention

Cleaning & Prevention

Preventive dentistry helps you maintain the highest standard of oral health while reducing dental expenditures. Regular brushing and flossing, along with proper cleaning and routine dental exams, are crucial for your dental health. These elements can help you keep your natural teeth longer and avoid complex dental treatments. Dr. Stephen Denny and our experienced team can help you achieve a healthy smile.

What Is the Importance of Dental Cleaning and Preventions?

Prevention at home may include brushing and flossing twice a day. But many strategies and oral health utilities exist that may better suit your condition. Often patients are surprised to know that a specific mouthwash, toothpaste, or special toothpick will help them best and make all the difference in their efforts. Our team at Indian Ripple Dental can help customize solutions that assist your daily efforts, often turning disappointments into smiles at the healthy changes that occur.

Your diet plays a vital role in oral health as well. Acidic foods and drinks can hasten the corrosion of your teeth, and certain foods can improve the health of your supporting gums and jawbone.

Regular dental exams and cleanings prove vital in preventing decay and gum disease as you keep your daily habits consistent. With a pre-emptive approach, together, we can prevent minor issues from becoming major procedures. If the dental infections and inflammation are left untreated, they can cause other health problems that could otherwise be avoided.

Why Should You Have Professional Cleanings?

Professional cleanings are essential for the following reasons:

  • At our dental office, we could remove most of the stains that dull and discolor your teeth so that you will be left with a brighter, whiter smile.
  • Having your teeth cleaned regularly can prevent periodontal or gum disease, which leads to early tooth loss.
  • According to recent statistics, in America alone, one person dies from oral cancer every hour, but many of these cancers are curable if identified at an initial stage during routine dental cleanings.
  • A strong connection has been found between gum disease and cardiovascular conditions. Hence getting your teeth cleaned once every six months helps check gum disease. It can also decrease your chances of potentially deadly heart attacks and strokes.
  • It is relatively easy for your dentist to detect early signs of problems such as fractures or broken fillings during a professional dental cleaning.
  • Many dental plans cover cleanings, and you will save money on dental expenses in the long run by taking advantage of your policy.
  • If we identify any serious problems during a teeth cleaning or exam, the office can help you with the necessary restorative procedures.


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