Technology in Dentistry

Advancements in dental technology have made it possible for innovative solutions to be developed for a wide range of dental problems. The motivating force behind technological advances is a desire to provide you with cutting-edge dental procedures that can be conducted more efficiently, accurately, and comfortably. Dr. Stephen Denny combines his expert skills and the latest dental technology to deliver you the best care with long-lasting results.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Technology?

Here are a few benefits of technological advancements in dentistry.

  • Technology in dentistry helps save time. It allows us to do everything faster and, consequently, you spend less time in the dental chair.
  • Dental technology is accurate and allows the computer itself to correct a human error.
  • Dental Technology helps save money. Due to the enhanced accuracy and precise treatments, you won’t have to make frequent dental visits.

What Are the Latest Technologies In Dentistry?

iTero Scanner

This high-tech technology allows the technicians to take exact 3D digital images of your mouth. These scans will help remove the need for impressions and fast-track the process of starting your Invisalign treatment. The ITero Digital Scanner is all about patient comfort, does not expose them to any radiation, and is safe. It provides a digital impression that is much more precise than a regular dental impression, and their results are fast and accurate.

Intra-oral camera

An intraoral camera is an advanced dental innovation used in evaluating and diagnosing oral health problems. It enables us to have a detailed analysis of the different structures inside your mouth. An intraoral camera has a built-in light source that allows the dentist and the patient to see the external structures of the gums, teeth, and buccal cavity. This camera enables us to take videos and images of the teeth, which help assess and diagnose dental cavities, plaque formation, gum diseases, chipped or cracked teeth, broken dental fillings, and other oral cavity conditions.

Digital X-ray

Digital X-rays help us have a detailed view of the teeth and surrounding tissue diseases that are not visible in a simple oral examination. As a result, we can treat dental problems early on, which can help save you money, unnecessary discomfort, and maybe even your life. In addition, you need not have any concerns because dental X-ray equipment exposes you to far lower levels of radiation than traditional X-rays.

Soft Tissue Laser

Lasers for soft tissue treatments are accessible at varying power levels and wavelengths and can be used for procedures that would otherwise have to be performed using a scalpel or electrosurgery. Laser dentistry generates very minimal heat and is a mild form of surgery. When used correctly, dental lasers enable soft tissue to be precisely, effectively, and safely removed.


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