Orthodontic treatments can help treat the misalignment of the teeth. Braces are one of the traditional methods of treating orthodontic problems.

With braces, reasonable force is applied to the specific teeth to move them in a particular direction and settle in the appropriate position. Some of the common types of braces used are metallic braces, Invisalign braces, ceramic braces, and lingual braces.


At Indian Ripple Dental, Dr. Stephen Denny offers Invisalign aligners, the clear alternative to metal braces, to straighten our patients' teeth by gently moving them into their proper, aligned position. When you visit us with crooked teeth, our Invisalign dentist will assess your mouth and evaluate your dental problems by obtaining X-rays and 3D impressions of your teeth to customize the best Invisalign treatment plan for you. This 3D model is used to create a set of clear aligners specially made for your mouth that align the teeth over a period of time.

What Is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatments are used to correct various conditions wherein the teeth are not positioned correctly, are protruding, crowded, or have gaps in between. These treatments gradually shift the natural teeth to their correct positions with the help of force applied by orthodontic wires or aligners.

Besides aligning the teeth, orthodontic treatment helps to restore a person’s bite, the function of their teeth, and the teeth’s aesthetics. They play a crucial role in preventing dental conditions like cavities and gum diseases that commonly occur in misalignments.

When Should You Decide On Orthodontic Treatments?

Besides how their teeth look, most people are not really concerned about their crooked teeth. However, misalignment can become a problem for their dental health. Here are a few conditions that may need braces:


Overbite is a condition in which the upper front teeth overlap your lower front teeth, and this has to be corrected with orthodontic treatment.


Ideally, your upper teeth should lie towards the cheeks rather than your lower teeth. However, in some cases, the upper teeth are overlapped by the lower teeth; a condition known as a crossbite that can be rectified with proper orthodontic correction procedures.

Open Bite

If your upper teeth do not rest correctly over your lower teeth, the condition is called an open bite and requires orthodontic correction.


This condition is caused when there is a mismatch in the jaw and the tooth size. As a result, there is often an unnatural spacing between teeth that necessitates orthodontic dental correction.


When there is crowding of teeth in the mouth, it could cause many dental issues like cavities, gum infections, food getting trapped between the teeth, and poor aesthetics.

What are the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment?

Though all of us are not naturally born with perfectly aligned teeth, it is possible to get them aligned using orthodontic treatments. The following are the benefits of getting your teeth aligned:

  • They help improve smiles that boost your confidence and self-esteem.
  • They allow for the efficient chewing of food.
  • There is an improvement in speech.
  • Dental hygiene becomes manageable.
  • There is a reduced risk of cavities and gum diseases.
  • They prevent the wearing away or grinding of teeth.
  • They help correct protrusion of teeth, which are at a high risk of trauma.


Dr Stephen Denny, a Beavercreek OH dentist, at Indian Ripple Dental can help solve your orthodontic problems and transform your smile. Call us at (937) 427-1749 or send an email to frontdesk@indianrippledental.com to schedule your dental consultation and learn more about our orthodontic treatments.


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